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We specialize in maximizing your visibility online by creating custom web, social media & content solutions that engage leads & keep your local community informed.

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So. Many. Channels.

Digital media presents many opportunities for your business to showcase its services & get leads, but it can often be overwhelming deciding on what platforms & tools to invest in to get a return on your investment. The question is not “should I invest on my business online presence?” but rather “what tools & platforms should I invest on online for my business to grow?”. True Media exists to help you anwer this question!

Our Mission

The mission of True Media is simple: to maximise your business online impact by creating custom digital solutions. We believe every local business needs a digital presence which engages the local community & turns clicks in to leads. Our years of expertise in web design, social media management & content creation in the business context is what has led us to create an agency with impactful & engaging content at it’s core.

David Mireles

David Mireles

Owner of True Media

Hi! I’m David Mireles. Creativity & getting to the root of problems & resolving them has been in my blood since I can remember. My journey as a “digital monkey” started in 2010 when the need for help in the media & sound department of our church left me in a “sink or swim” situation – leading me to learn all things sound, media & content creation over the course of 13 years. Over that course of time I’ve been privileged  to work with ministries & organizations to produce content, podcasts, websites & most importantly – make an impact. My passion is to help churches, ministries & businesses establish a digital footprint & connect with their members & community. True Media is the result & manifestation of this vision. I’d love to connect with you & talk about how we can help you make an impact!

Our Services


Graphic Design & Branding

Establishing a clear online identity as a business starts with branding! We create logos & branding packages that reflect your business mission & values. Our branding packages will provide you with graphics, color schemes & fonts to get your business started with creating a recognizable online presence in your community.

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Web Design

We create websites that are inviting, engaging & bring your leads to a call to action- to purchase your service! All of our websites are optimized for local search engine performance from launch & are designed to engage visitors from their first visit with strategic content placement. Your website will search engine optimized from it’s launch!

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Photography & Videography

Content is key 🔑 ! True Media specializes in creating original content that reflects your business values. Our content creation services include but are not limited to: staff portraits, real estate photography, website photography & videography, event content creation, drone photography & interviews. If you can think it, we can do it!

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Social Media Management

The discovery algorithm of major social media platforms such as Meta & Youtube allow your business to expose people to an exponential amount of people to your services. Simply put: your business needs social media! We offer content creation & social media management packages that engage leads & inform them on how your services can help them.

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Local SEO

An essential first step to your business being found online is Local Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, this is your ability to be found on Google and other search engines. You local listings, website quality & reviews are all factors that can either put you on the top results or make you hard to find! Find out how we can manage all of this & provide you with  real results.

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Google Adwords & Sponsored Ads

Pay Per Click & sponsored ad campaigns on Google & Meta platforms are a powerful tool for fast exposure & obtaining leads… but only when it’s strategically executed! We offer ad campaign services that combine engaging content & copy with strategic keyword research & placements on the right platforms. We provide you with reports to keep track to keep track on the return of your investment.

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Aerial Footage

We offer drone photography & videography for your business needs such as: project site reports, real estate photography & videography & as an eye catching element to your business promotions. We offer aerial footage as an addition to any of our photography & videography packages.

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Social Media Reel Packages

If you’re ready to take your business influence to the next level on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & TikTok, reels are the key to maximum exposure. We offer social media reel packages to local businesses owners who desire to be the “go to” provider for their service in their community & beyond! We provide the lights, cameras & production, all we need is your vision!

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Making an impact in your local & online community doesn’t have to be complicated. Our team stands by to not only do the work but to break down a road map for growth for your business.